About IPR






Chair Person: Dr. P. Sree Sudha, Associate Professor, DSNLU


Our Vision


To foster innovation and encourage Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) activities in the widest amplitude to bringing together Educational Institutions, Research Institutes, State Instrumentalities & Corporate Entities to facilitate a conducive environment in the domain of academia, consultancy and research.”

The rationale for the Establishment of C-IPR


Intellectual Property Rights and their related laws is still a developing field in the country, but its reach and importance simply cannot be ignored. The intellectual property now touches several types of industries and businesses, ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to start-up and even small-time innovators. For promoting research, extension and training in the field of intellectual property rights DSNLU intends to establish Centre for Intellectual Property Rights in its campus. This Centre will incentivize innovative and cutting-edge academic research in the field of IP Laws, and conducting various training and extension activities for creating more awareness in the field of IPR.

  Objectives of C-IPR


  • To create a platform for creation, protection, analysis, valuation, licensing, education, policy formulation in the field of IPR.
  • To serve as a ‘think tank’ to provide policy inputs on IPR at national, regional and international level.
  • To do research on inter-disciplinary aspects of IPR by involving multi-stakeholders.
  • To disseminate information on social, ethical, legal and economic aspects of IPR.
  • To engage in capacity building and providing inputs on IPR to policymakers including the judiciary.
  • To support/assist the Government of India in international negotiations before WTO and UN, WIPO.
Verticals of C-IPR:


  • IPR Journal
  • Training Centre on IPR
  • IPR Bank
  • IPR Clinic



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