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DSNLU inaugurated the Legal Incubation Centre that aims at developing entrepreneurship skills among young lawyers and acts as institutional mechanism for providing various services including information on all aspects of enterprise building to budding Advocates.

Objectives of legal incubator centre:

  1. The main objectives of establishment of DSNLU Legal Incubation Centre are to promote and establish incubation centre at DSNLU to encourage and support startups in the field of law with allied interdisciplinary areas.
  2. To act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including information on all aspect of enterprise building to budding entrepreneurs.
  3. To motivate and inspire Students/Alumni/Faculty/Venture Capitalist to take up the challenge of entrepreneurship, undergo executive development programme, skill development training and enhance self-employment opportunities.
  4. Creation of legally Based incubates on continuous basis.
  5. Help to create value added jobs and services.
  6. Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.
  7. Create Awareness about legal Incubation and processes.
  8. Assistance to existing incubates by way of specialized services e.g, patenting, “Copyright” arrangement of venture capital, helping towards marketing of products & proc
  9. To organize seminars/guest lectures/workshops/industrial visits.
  10. To provide opportunities for experiential learning to students.
  11. To bridge the gap between the students and investors.
  12. To promote creative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset among the students/ alumni/ faculty/ venture capitalist.
  13. To promote innovations and help convert them into market accepted products.



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