Disciplinary Rules

Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University Rules of Discipline for Students

Under the policy of the University, students enjoy the greatest degree of liberty consistent with high academic standards and orderly conduct.  Each student is expected to conduct himself / herself in such a manner as to uphold, not to detract,  the good reputation of the University and fellow students.  It  is presumed that all students understand that maturity, responsibility, due regard for law and rights of others are prerequisites of liberty.  The following rules are to be observed by the students for cherishing the noble cause of the University.

    • Each student is required to attend punctually all lectures, seminars, debates and moot courts etc held on each day.


    • A student who disturbs the lecture or behaves indecently in a class may be expelled from the class by the teachers.


    • Every student shall possess the necessary books and other material required to pursue his/her studies in the University.


    • Any student damaging University property shall be required to pay the cost of repair or replacement.  In case of wilful damage, he/she shall also be punished in such manner as the authorities may think fit.


    • Every student shall wear a clean and decent dress approved by the authorities.


    • Students are required to observe order and quiet at all times in the campus and make as little noise as possible in moving from one room to another.


    • Smoking by students in the University premises is prohibited.


    • Consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating drinks, drugs on the campus or entering the campus in a state of intoxication is prohibited and any contravention of this rule shall attract serious disciplinary action.


    • Students shall not hold meetings for criticizing the policies and actions of the University.  Such meetings shall be deemed to be unlawful.


    • Students guilty of going over to other college to take part in acts of indiscipline such as organizing demonstrations or strikes would be deemed culpable and would be punished accordingly.


    • The names of the students of the University who are on strike or found guilty of serious indiscipline shall automatically be removed from the rolls and they shall not ordinarily be readmitted.


    • The University authorities shall inform, wherever necessary, the parents or guardians about the students who are irregular and who do not show any progress in their studies or whose attendance is very poor or whose conduct is dissatisfactory.


    • Ragging in any form both in the University or outside the campus is prohibited.  Students indulging in any form of ragging will be subjected to punishment as per law.


  • The University may inflict the following punishments in the interests of the students or the institution :
    fineloss of attendance, loss of semester, suspension, expulsion or such other action as deemed necessary for the maintenance of discipline on the campus.




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