Society for Law and Technology

About SOLT


The Society for Law and Technology known as SOLT seeks to provide a platform for intensive research and debate over legal issues linked to the emergence of new technologies and thereby aim to stimulate awareness results in participation and deliberation of such issues. In order to promote contemporary areas of law and technology it has organized two simulation program’s namely “DSNLU Conference of Parties (COP), on October7-8th October 2017, and the second on titled “DSNLU: Model Assembly of Members” 16-17th of March 2018. The Committee has published a book titled “Horizons of Right to Privacy.’

Objectives of SOLT:

To create a platform for students to discuss, deliberate, debate on contemporary areas of technology.

  • To conduct seminars, workshops, simulation programs on emerging areas of technology.

  • To organize Lectures on technology law issues where eminent academicians and professionals enlighten on current trends in the field.

  • To publish books, journals, monographs on technology related aspects.

  • To undertake research on interface between law, IPRs and technology.






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