WE THE PEOPLE DSNLU Journal of Social Sciences is a DSNLU Publication. The Journal is interdisciplinary in that it covers the disciplines of Social Sciences, Humanities including Sociology, History, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology, Psychology, Literature, Law and Allied Subjects. One finds no hard and fast boundaries between social sciences and scientific approach to the understanding of the law. Since law itself is interdisciplinary by its very nature, all sciences, social sciences and humanities are related to it in some way or other. At times, they stand at different points on a continuum of analysis and differentiated more based on different questions they pose and the orientation of the subject. The Social Sciences, Humanities, Literature, and allied disciplines help to promote comprehensive understanding of this field of study. 

The Journal aims at the following Objectives:

  1. Since National Law schools are intended to offer integrated programme of legal education which includes the components of Social Sciences such as History, Economics, Political Science and Sociology, the Journal would fulfil the academic requirements of integrated programme of the Legal Education.
  1. The Social Sciences would contribute a great deal for providing the necessary inputs for advancement of Legal Education.
  1. Social Sciences would provide the basis for the development of legal education.
  1. To promote the interdisciplinary research in Social Sciences and law
  1. The Journal would invite articles pertaining to Socio Legal Issues.

With the above objectives in view, this e-journal of Social Sciences is started to cater to the needs of integrated programme of Legal Education.