Criminal Justice Research Centre (CJRC)


CJRC:  Criminal Justice Research Centre (CJRC hereafter) is a center for accelerating the theoretical and applied research in criminal justice administration system studies and scholarship.

MISSION: With a focus on applied research the mission of the CJRC is to strengthen conceptual contours to promote rule of law, human rights, democratic values, good governance principles and share knowledge, enable skills and redefine values.

ACADEMIA:CJRC espouses to encourage fellow feeling in the fraternity of the criminal justice administration role players and stake holders for adapting the best practices for achieving effective system operation.  The system encompasses a plethora oftheoretical and applied conundrums in criminal law, justice delivery, criminology, penology and victimology, while the prime role players include criminal law researchers, law reformers, criminal law policy analyzers, litigations, criminal courts, police, prosecution, counsels, criminologists, penologists, correctional administrators and victim support system activists.


The listed objectives inter alia are as follows-

  1. To promote research and scholarship in criminal justice administrative system;
  2. To design programs for effective studies and disseminate knowledge;
  3. To augment, identify and conceptualize specific skills to promote the system operation;
  4. To contribute to the national/ state/ regional/ localized aspects of policy formulation, law-making process with research and data;
  5. To conduct customized training programs for the targeted teams of system functionaries;
  6. To associate with all the critical functionaries of the system, to provide research assistance;
  7. To critically examine the law in action by reviewing court orders, police reports and correctional measures;
  8. To focus on studies relating to child and woman victims, juvenile justice system, woman criminality, drug related offences, organized crimes, penal provisions etc.;
  9. To overseer the overarching constitutional mandates of rule of law and human rights;
  10. To undertake research projects on the above and allied fields;
  11. To publish research reports etc;
  12. To organize lectures, periodic seminars, workshops, courses, training programs and annual conferences.