Student Newsletter

About SNL

The Student Newsletter Committee is established with an intention to encourage communication in the Student community. This is a committee of students headed by a faculty advisor that is primarily intended for the DSNLU Community. This committee works on the periodical issues of the student newsletter. The Student Newsletter is a compilation of latest updates, opinions and write-ups of the students, and also certain interesting sections related to our students. This Committee is responsible for the periodical newsletter and the DSNLU Blog. The thought behind the introduction of SNL is to collect and publish the opinions of the students on various allotted topics, thus encouraging the dialogue in the University and communication among the students. This sharing of opinions might also make the students open to any kind of opinions without being judgmental. The intention is to convert our students into people who are open-minded and to increase their ability to receive all types of opinions be it supporting or against.

What is our Mission?

1. To encourage dialogue and communication in the Student Community.

2. To enhance the research and innovative skills of the Students.

3. To support and appreciate students for achieving great things.

3. To create a great sense of unity among the members of the DSNLU community by sharing the news, opinions and thoughts of mutual interests.

4. To make sure every student, faculty, parent and other member related to our University knows what’s happening in DSNLU.

What are our future goals and objectives?

  • The Committee intends to get an ISSN number for the periodical issues to prove its authenticity.
  • The Committee is established primarily for the benefit of the DSNLU Community. However, the Committee has a will to expand its scope to people outside the DSNLU community by accepting contributions from the people outside our University.
  • The Committee intends to start its work with bimonthly issues of the Student Newsletter. Slowly, in future, the committee intends to start a blog in the official DSNLU website for the publication of Opinions and Legal Write-ups, not only from the DSNLU students but also from the students outside University.
  • The best works will be included in the periodical newsletter issued by the Student Newsletter Committee.

How do we achieve our mission?

1. The SNL committee intends to encourage the students in contributing for our bimonthly newsletter thereby enhancing the research and innovative skills in the students.

2. The Committee also intends to appreciate the students who got their works published in our newsletter by rewarding them with an online certificate of publication.

3. The Committee is formed with an intention to collect various stories and thoughts of our students and to share them.

4. To make sure nothing in this University goes unnoticed, the committee is determined to cover all the events; announcements; works of different committees, societies and centers of our university; and also accomplishments of our students and alumni.

5. A team of 8 students is constituted to achieve our mission and objectives for the academic year of 2021-22.

What’s inside our newsletter?

1. Various opinions and views expressed by our student community with respect to the different aspects that include recent events, legal updates, circumstances prevailing and etc.

2. Legal Updates that include National and International legal news such as recent legislations, case judgements and etc. The contributions from the students such as case analysis, recommended amendments etc. are also included.

3. Stories that reflect the achievements of our students, faculty and also university as a whole.

4. Coverage of events organized by our university and various committees, centers and societies of our university. The coverage includes back-stage activities, memories and the response achieved.

5. Announcements and notifications of activities of various committees and the upcoming events.

6. Various success stories, spotlights, letters, self-help articles, mini –interviews and also kindness corners are considered to be the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of our newsletter.

Who are our Primary audience?

1. Current Students of DSNLU

2. The University faculty, university administration of DSNLU

3. DSNLU Alumni, the prospective students

4. The parents and guardians of the student community

The newsletter will be open to everyone in the official website of DSNLU.

The Plan-of-action:

  1. Creation of a blog: DSNLU Blog in official website. This will be a part of News section. In this SNL Blog, the Opinions, case-comments, articles etc.will be published. This can be done through asking for submissions. A time limit of 15-20 days for submission on the allotted topics will be given. The submissions can be on the topics outside the suggested list, however, the opinions or write-ups shall be on the current topics or related to law in any manner. This blog will be updated for every 2 weeks subject to change depending on the number submissions we receive)


  1. Email newsletters: A brief newsletter template is mailed to all our subscribers. So, they can click the links in such email templates and access the blogs in our website. The students and faculty of DSNLU receive this email automatically without any subscription.


  1. The Newsletter: The best opinions and legal Write-ups (that are published in our blog for past two months) will be published in our Newsletter pdf. This will be published bimonthly. This pdf will include all those sections related to university.


Currently, the Committee focuses on the Newsletter and its periodical issues only. The creation of Blog is included as one of our future goals. The intention behind the creation of Blog is to extend the scope to the student community outside DSNLU in addition to the existing DSNLU’s student community. Thus, the main purpose, establishing connection among the members of Student community, will be achieved.


About SNL Team:

SNL team comprises of Faculty Advisor, Student Convener, Content-Writers, Researchers, Editors (Editor-in-chief, Associate Editor), and Designer.

Faculty Advisory Board Members

1. Prof. (Dr.) P. Sree Sudha
2. Prof. (Dr.) Aruna Sri Lakshmi
3. Prof. S. Vijaya Lakshmi
4. Dr. K. Sita Manikyam
5. Dr. B. Narsinga Rao.


Every Academic Year, the SNL Committee accepts applications from the DSNLU students for the posts of content-writers, researchers, editors and designers. The Committee ensures that it maintains representation from all the batches of University. The selection process is uniform every year. The selection of the members of the Committee shall be done on the basis of the Statement of Purpose conveying his/her interest in joining the Committee, Sample Works submitted by the applicant and an interview before the panel of two members, Faculty Advisor and Student Convener.

For the position of Designer, the Sample Work includes designing of a Sample Newsletter (min. 2 pages) and a document explaining the purpose behind opting for such design and the process (max 400 words). For the other positions, the Sample work is a writing of the applicant on the topic allotted (400-500 words). These sample works are meant to display the skills of the applicant. After the interview, the shortlisting of the members who are suitable for the committee according to their zeal to work and learn throughout the process, skills, capabilities and past experiences will be done.


  • Faculty Advisor:

  • Prof.(Dr.) Sree Sudha, B.COM.,B.L.,LL.M.,PhD, LL.D (Associate Professor)

  • Founder and Student Convenor:

  • Tejaswi Marripudi, 5thyear, BA-LLB (Hons)

  • Editors:

  • Editor-in-chief: Sanjana Dadmi, 5th year, BA-LLB (Hons)

  • Associate Editor: Nehal Gupta, 4th year, BA-LLB (Hons)

  • Content Writers:

  • Sravani Kurra, 5th year, BA-LLB (Hons)

  • Soumya Tiwari, 2nd year, BA-LLB (Hons)

  • Researchers:

  • Meghna Srinivas, 3rd year, BA-LLB (Hons)

  • Sai Chaitanya, 4th year, BA-LLB (Hons)

  • Designer:

  • Meghana Killampalli, 3rd year, BA-LLB (Hons)