To provide quality multi-disciplinary education in legal studies, keeping in view the demands of the global economy and the needs of domestic society. 

To evolve and impart comprehensive legal education at all levels to achieve excellence.

To organize advanced studies and promote research in all branches of Law.

To organize lectures, seminars, symposia, workshops, and conferences to disseminate legal knowledge and the legal process, as well as its role in national development.

To promote cultural, legal, and ethical values with a view to promoting and fostering the rule of law and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of India.

To improve the ability to analyze and explain to the public the legal implications of current issues of public concern.

To publish periodicals, treatises, study books, reports, journals, and other literature on all subjects relating to law and applied studies.

To hold examinations and confer degrees and other academic distinctions.

To promote legal awareness to achieve social and economic justice for all.

To undertake study and training projects relating to law, legislation, and judicial institutions.

To promote inter disciplinary study of Law in relation to management, technology, International Co-operation, and development.

To instill in students and research scholars a sense of responsibility to serve society in the field of law by developing skills in advocacy, legal services, legislation, parliamentary practice, law reforms, and other areas; to make law and legal processes effective tools for social development. And to do all things that are incidental, necessary, or conducive to the achievement of all or any of the University’s objectives.