#Name of the Hon’ble Members
1Prof. (Dr.) S.Surya Prakash,
Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, DSNLU
2Hon’ble Sri Justice DVSS Somayajulu, Judge,
High Court of Andhra Pradesh
3Prof. K.Hemachandra Reddy, Chairman, APSCHE
4Sri P. Sri Raghuram
Sr. Advocate, High Court of Andhra Pradesh
5Sri G.Satya Prabhakar Rao
Law Secretary, Government of A.P.
6Finance Secretary,
Government of A.P.
7Prof. (Dr.) Rajiv Kumar Khare,
Professor of Law, The National Law Institute University, Bhopal
8Prof. (Dr.) Rajeshri N Varhadi
Professor of Law, University of Mumbai
9Prof.A.Rajendra Prasad
Professor of Eminence, DSNLU
10Dr. P.Varalakshmi
Associate Professor, DSNLU
11Dr. M.Viswachandranath
Lecturer, DSNLU
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