The SNL-DSNLU, a Bi – monthly Student Newsletter, is a compilation of latest updates, opinions and write-ups of the students, and also certain interesting sections related to our students. The Student Newsletter Committee is responsible for the publication of this periodical newsletter.

The objective behind the publication of this SNL-DSNLU is to collect and publish the opinions of the students on various allotted topics, thus encouraging the dialogue in the University and communication among the students; answer the unanswered questions of the students with respect to their careers, to inform, to remind and to connect with DSNLU Community. This sharing of opinions might also make the students open to any kind of opinions without being judgmental. The intention is to make students open-minded and to increase their ability to receive all types of opinions be it supporting or against.

Objectives include:

  1. To encourage dialogue and communication in the Student Community.
  2. To enhance the research and innovative skills of the Students.
  3. To support and appreciate students for achieving great things.
  4. To create a great sense of unity among the members of the DSNLU community by sharing the news, opinions and thoughts of mutual interests.
  5. To make sure every student, faculty, parent and other member related to our University knows what’s happening in DSNLU.

Contents of the Newsletter:

  1. Opinion Column: Various opinions and views expressed by our student community with respect to the different aspects that include recent events, legal updates, circumstances prevailing and etc.
  1. Legal Updates: This includes National and International legal news such as recent legislations, case judgements and etc. The contributions from the students such as case analysis, recommended amendments etc. would also be included.
  1. Je ne Sais Quoi: Stories that reflect the achievements of our students, faculty and also university as a whole; various success stories, spotlights, letters, self-help articles, mini –interviews and also kindness corners
  1. What’s happening in DSNLU? Coverage of events organized by our university and various committees, centers and societies of our university; the coverage includes back-stage activities, memories and the response achieved; announcements and notifications of activities of various committees and the upcoming events.

Journal Particulars:

  1. Title: SNL-DSNLU
  2. Frequency: Bi-monthly
  3. E-ISSN:
  4. Publisher: SNL Committee, Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University
  5. Copyright: Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam
  6. Starting Year: 2021
  7. Subject: Law
  8. Language: English
  9. Publication Format: Online
  10. Email Id: studentnewsletter@dsnlu.ac.in
  11. Website: dsnlu.ac.in
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