It is a famous saying of Vyasa in his Mahabharata. In the first instance, Dhritarashtra told Lord Krishna this while smoothly rejecting his proposal to give the share of land to the Pandavas (Udyoga Parva 37.09). In the Anusasanika Parva, Bhishma also repeated this line while recollecting what he told Duryodhana at that time (uktavanasmi durbudhim mandam duryodhanam tada yotah krishnah tato dharmah yato dharmah tato jayah). The same line was recollected and reported to Lord Krishna by Gandhari in Satiparva (17.06). It was repeated several times in different contexts. It can be translated as “act dharma – thus win.” It is the ultimate message of the Mahabharata, the greatest epic in Indian history. Poorna Kumbha is a symbol of abundance as well as a symbol of openness to new thoughts and ideas. Therefore, this logo, in its entirety, represents the overall development of the human mind with a great deal of purity, knowledge, and dharma.

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