Moot and Advocacy Society (MAS)


The Moot and Advocacy Society (MAS) is a committee of students headed by the faculty advisor, empowered to promote, regulate and control all the student affairs concerning Inter and Intra Moot Court, Mock Trials and other allied Advocacy competitions. Presently, the MAS comprises of 23 student members and the faculty advisor for supervising the functions of MAS.


Legal education plays a very dynamic role in the society, Lawyers are considered to be the backbone of society. It is for this sake that quality education in this field is an essential requirement in today’s time. Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University aims to provide just that. Though our University is still at its nascent stage as compared to the more established ones, it is an attempt of our respected Vice Chancellor to develop it into one of the leading institutes in the legal fraternity.

The University was established in 2008, since then it has grown tremendously and has come miles achieving a name for itself. The DSNLU family consists of more than 500 students and faculty. The ultimate aim of the University is to provide the best facilities available to students seeking a bright future in the field of Law. The students at DSNLU enjoy all the facilities that are important for their holistic growth. They are full of enthusiasm and participate in a plethora of national competitions be they academic or cultural and have undoubtedly made a name for themselves and brought accolades to the University. We at DSNLU aim to provide the legal fraternity with the best lawyers who will undoubtedly create a name for themselves and make us proud.


Legal education has become one of the most sought after fields recently. The enrolments in legal courses have seen a drastic increase and with this the competition among students has also increased manifold. As Mooting forms an essential part of any legal education, we at DSNLU recognise the need of training our students in it and honing their argumentative skills. Thus the Moot and Advocacy Society was created in 2012, to provide our students the necessary exposure in the arena of Mooting and research. MAS constantly strives at increasing the skills of our students and also holds various intra university events so that they gain the necessary experience as they prepare themselves to participate in various competitions around the country.

The Committee organizes intra selection moot court competitions which are held within the University exclusively for students of the University. The Committee has prepared a separate set of rules and regulations applicable to the teams selected through these intra moot court competitions. The Committee conducts Open Challenge Rounds to facilitate the students with various Moot Courts. The society is purely dedicated to motivate students to inculcate a positive attitude towards mooting and allied activities.


Every academic year, applications are invited for the post of members from all the students of the respective semesters who are interested to be a part of this society. Students are selected by a uniform process every year. The first step in this ordeal is writing a Statement of Purpose expressing an interest in being the part of the society and asserting reasons for the same. The Faculty Convener and other faculty members conduct an interview and shortlist the members who are suitable for the society according to their zeal to work and learn throughout the process, skills, capabilities and past experiences.


The major task of the society is to constitute University moot teams to represent DSNLU at various National and International competitions. A rigorous process is adopted for selection and a moot court competition is organized at University level. Registration of teams is invited and every team consists of 2 Speakers and 1 Researcher. The competition consists of 2 Stages, Prelims and Finals. Researchers Test is also organized which is mandatory for every team. Teams qualifying the first round proceed to the final round and are eligible to represent the University with the permission of the society. A cumulative rank list is published on the basis of final round.


The society follows a policy of encouraging mooting and in order to inculcate this habit from the very beginning, a mandatory moot competition solely for the first years is organized every academic year. Students participate as speakers and researchers individually. The competition consists of 2 rounds (Prelims and Final) along with a Researchers Test. On qualifying the prelims, the teams proceed to final round. A cumulative rank list is published and these teams are accordingly allotted National Moots in supervision of the society.


Mock Trail is a rather unconventional form of competition to be organized at University level but it is quintessential for criminal advocacy. The society organizes an Intra Mock Trial Competition annually which follows the standard format having examination in chief and cross examinations of parties and witnesses. The society invites registration and interested teams consisting of 2 Speakers and 1 Researcher can participate. A cumulative ranking is published after the competition and the teams become eligible to represent the University in Mock trials at National and International Level under the supervision of the society.


The Society organises Mediation Competition to promote alternative dispute resolution mechanism and invites registrations from teams for this competition. Each team comprises of three members where one member acts as a mediator and the other two members form the Negotiating Team representing a Client and his/her Counsel. The rounds consist of presentation of the facts and alternative solutions followed by solution given by the designated mediator. The mediators and the teams are adjudged on various criteria.


To prepare the students for practical life of a lawyer, client interaction is an important aspect. It is important for students to get exposure of client meetings and consultation. The society has started conducting Intra Client Counselling Competition from 2020. The teams consists of two students as counsel and society provides for client for the sessions. The teams are selected and ranked on the basis of markings by the respective judges of the sessions. Selected teams represent university in various national/international Client Counselling Competitions in the year.


The society organizes open challenges throughout the year to encourage mooting and provide an opportunity to the students to represent the University. The society notifies the student about an upcoming International Competition and the team composition varies from 2 or more (depending on the rules of the competition) in order to register for participating in the open challenge. The winner of the open challenge is eligible to represent the University in that particular competition on International level.


In light of the recent amendments in the Rules of Judiciary i.e., removing the 3-year mandatory practice as an eligibility criteria, many students shall now have the opportunity to enter the Judiciary right after graduation. However, even though the clause for mandatory practice has been done away with, the art of Judgement Writing is highly valued in this field.

Therefore, with a visionary motive to aid the students inculcate the art of Judgment Writing, DSNLU conducts Judgement Writing Competition and has successfully conducted two editions of competition till now. The second edition of the competition was conducted in association with the 5th Damodaram Sanjivayya National Moot Court Competition.


Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam in association with Competition Commission of India [CCI] organizes the national moot court competition every year. The previous editions have seen participation from different law schools across India competing against each other. We are proud of the high quality of judging by highly distinguished personalities of the Legal Fraternity in the last four editions.

While organizing this competition, the society’s endeavor has always been to inculcate and develop vital skills like research, drafting and argumentation amongst law students, thus ensuring a bright future for the students and the society as a whole.

Participants are required to argue before competent judges who contribute immensely in making the whole experience an enriching one.

Law schools/ Colleges/ Institutes/ Universities, recognized by the Bar Council of India, are eligible to participate in the competition. The participants should currently be pursuing their Bachelor’s degree in law i.e., Three Year or Five Year Law Courses.

Over the past six editions of the competition, Damodaram Sanjivayya National Moot Court Competition has gained immense repute as an event which ensures a competitive learning experience. Looking at the enthusiasm and willingness to learn amongst the participants, offering an opportunity to the participants to gain experience, learn and understand this upcoming and promising field of law. 


The society is conducting its first ever International Moot Court Competition on 11-13 February, 2022. Participation in the competition will be open to all students enrolled bona fide in a regular undergraduate programme, i.e., 5-Year B.A. L.L.B. or 3-Year L.L.B., offered by a recognized Institution/ College/ University. The Moot Proposition of the competition is based on Sedition Laws.

The Competition shall be conducted offline over a period of two days commencing on 12th February, 2022 and concluding on 13th February, 2022. Click here for more details!


Ms. Soma Battacharjya, Assistant Professor


Office Bearers

Ms. Aaliya Akhtar, Student Convenor, (7330814731, 7396901935)

Ms. Bhavya Pasupuleti, Student Co-convener (8333041885)

Ms. M. Indhu Sree, Treasurer (9493036971)


Abhigna M., 5th Year

Khyati Ananya, 4th Year

Riya Jain, 4th Year

Aishani Chakraborty, 3rd Year

Shloka Dikshit, 3rd Year

S Laasya Ratna, 3rd Year

Animesh Jha, 2nd Year

Anudeep Turaga, 2nd Year

Jinal Prajapat, 2nd Year

Naga Rupaswini, 2nd Year

Sanskriti, 2nd Year

Srinivasa Prabhat, 2nd Year

Arijt Mishra, 1st Year

Kartikey Bansal, 1st Year

Kottapalli Vineela, 1st Year

Kushal Bindal, 1st Year

Nachiket Bade, 1st Year

Sharmishtasree, 1st Year

Srivirajitha Neerukonda, 1st Year

Suraj Reddy, 1st Year


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