Copyright Ownership and Rights Management of Literary Works under the Copyright Amendment Act 2012
- Dr Vijaya Lakshmi
Trips for Trade: Evaluating The Basis, Beginning and Implications of India’s Faustian Bargain
- Priya Anuragini
Clinical Test Data and Market Approval of Drugs: Understanding Indian Law Vis-À-Vis Trips Agreement
- Sonal Singh
Intellectual Property Rights in India: Time for Recognition as an Established Right under the Constitution
- Abhishek Rana & Niyati Patwardhan
Facial Recognition Devices: Developments and Issues - An IPR Perspective
- Lipsa Dash & Parimita Dash
Meme in India and US
- Khushboo Soni
Much do about nothing ? A de minimis approach to saaho’s inspiration from pulse and bloom
- Revanth Ashok & Gautam Wadhwa
Medical Method as an Excluded Subject Matter under Patent Law
- Shakshi Kothari & Aditya Pratap Singh
Dilution of Trade Mark and Trade Mark Squating
- Sourish Roy
Ayurveda and Geographical Indications
- Samhitha Sharath Reddy
Intellectual Property Law in the Colonization of Mars
- KunikeKhera
Sports Law and Its Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights
- Sukanya Mukherjee
Case Comment on Suzuki Motor V Suzuki (India) Ltd
- Ata Hasan
Copyright For Hashtags: Fact Or Fiction
- Ritika Ranka and JissAlphonsa Joy
Inventions by Artificial Intelligence, Should They Be Granted Patents
- Ayan Saini
Patentability of Methods of Medical Treatment in India
- Nishant Mohanty